Footfriends 1
Season 1: The season that started it all. There's so much drama, combating alliances, secret betrayal, and so much more.


The basic plotline is as follows. Destiny assumes a hatred for Mandy because Mandy wouldn't make fun of her sister, Sandy. Destiny made an alliance with Libbie, then promptly sent her home after winning the challenge. It turns out Destiny had formed an alliance with Will and Tiffanie, and they wanted to send Libbie home. At first, Destiny was hesitant, because they were trying to threaten her, but she got over her caution and figured out that it was good to be the leader regardless.

Adam started to get suspicious of Megan, so to get closer to her, he asked her out. Megan didn't know his true intentions, so she willingly said yes. Destiny won the challenge again, and Kyle, Jake, Adam, and Megan joined her alliance. Adam then started to actually develop feelings for Megan, and Destiny sent Mandy home.

For an unknown reason, Jake tried to vote off Destiny, so he was eliminated by Megan.

Then, Leslie sent home Will because he didn't like the "Destiny Clan" as he calls it.

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