This is a comprehensive list of characters on Footfriends.

Season 1Edit

Mandy- A girl with great potential, but wants to be a teen model.

Sandy- A struggling sister of Mandy's who desperately needs a new job, other than her current pizza parlor one.

Carmen- Our rocker chic. She is currently a part of L-F-Oh! It stands for Little Feet, Oh!

Casey- A very smart girl, but she can be rude when people interrupt her studies.

Libbie- A girl who has her own imaginary friend named Jesse. Jesse encourages Libbie to do whatever she wants her to do. Kind of crazy.

Tiffanie- A total brat who is rude to other people

Megan- Smart, but pretends to be dumb.

Destiny- Model.

Jacob- Our kind rocker guy. Lead singer in L-F-Oh!

Jake- A Korean guy who is modest, but all the girls like him.

Kyle- His only goal is to get Sandy to like him.

Adam- A smart guy, and kind.

James- A guy who thinks he's a rocker.

Ty- Manipulative lady magnet.

Will- A cruel singer.

Leslie- Sensitive dude, and girls like him for that.

Season 2Edit

Zachary- teen who thinks he's a vampire.

Gavin- the evil mastermind, that makes friends with everyone.

Matt-one of the brainy exotic twins, whose twins with another contestants.

Gale-the other twin in the duo.

Gerold- the lazy boy, couch sitter.

Jack-the dark spirit that may have a soft side.

Pickle-a fun, happy-go-lucky typical guy.

Tad-a super nice guy who believes if he knows he’s happy nothing can hurt him.

Nate-a type of guy who is friends with everyone, but may be annoying sometimes.

Topanga- A girl who's never known friendship.

Claira- A shy typical girl who keeps a secret diary.

Veronica-a loon of a girl.

Jacklyn-an evil girl who has a list of people she’s kicking off one by one.

Jasmine-Megan is her idol.

Cole- He’s really desperate, not ugly, but not good looking either.

Kylie- Lacks physical and mental prowess.

Luke- Cannot keep a secret. Longs to become 'one with nature' i.e. become a tree

Ilia- A pyromaniac who has no hair and seeks to cut everyone else's hair off.

Dior- A French guy obsessed with amour (romance)

Kreg- The best looking guy in the state.

Chals- A stalker.

Carenta- An Italian girl

"Wild Card" contestants; contestants brought back from Season One





Appears later in the season:


Season 3Edit
















Thibault- Emo

Laura- Aggressive artist of anime

Sylvia- Bipolar

Jasper- laid-back soccer jock

Uri- Chinese

Nikki- Bubbly

Nico- musical prodigy

Danielle- cool girl with an earring collection

Orlando- full of ideas

Skye- wild

Max- Megan's brother

Bryce- mixture of Destiny and Megan

Kyra- off in la-la land

Season 4Edit

Ulysses- a teenage prophet [minister]

Chico- culture shock-y Mexican kid [he just wants to embezzle the money]

Melis- an attractive, but anorexic singer [wants to go to a performing arts college]

Sonia- a friendly, manipulative mastermind [politician]

Chandler- emotionally disturbed (you’ll learn more about it later in the season) [guidance counselor- to help children with problems like he never was]

Jon- Very strategic, and micro-manages [general]

Jenna- experiences chronic projectile vomiting [she doesn't know]

Liza- family is in financial trouble, and she needs money for college [doctor]

Kal- quiet, but extremely attractive [actor]

Shiitore- Japanese black belt [sensei]

Mary- OCD, pessimistic [marriage counselor so she can make fun of people]

Cassie- Has been through a lot, flashbacks a lot [memoirist]

Angelique- belly dancer [belly dancer]

Bẻibhinn (pronounced BAY-vin) an Irish girl [bagpiper]

Tieshaunn- a boy obsessed with corn [farmer]

Linda- a huge bragger [pawn shop]

Citlali- A Cherokee wanting to live as Cherokee a life as possible [storyteller]

Sal- thief [police officer]

Alisha- Abner Bailey Jones’s biggest fan [web site designer]

Wilburn- jock [sports]

Michael- digs tunnel to center of the earth [construction]

Marshal- blind person who tries to get ladies [model]

Royle- the next Bob Dylan [singer/songwriter]

Kylie- Footfriends star! [geriatric makeup artist]

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