Chawls is the lovable stalker, who wins Tiff's heart. Chawls debuted in season 2 and 3, in season 2 he contributed to Carenta's alliance. Then after he was voted off he later made his return in Episode 22: Stalker Returns. Then was later booted off by his soon to be girlfriend.

Chawls and Tiff?Edit

Chawls and Tiff got together in Episode 29: The Runion. In that episode they climbed onto helicopter with all the competitors of season 3. In season three a tight alliance is made between them.

Early in the season of Tiff is rumored to be booted off as the weakest link.

Season 3Edit

In season three Chawls is a big character, dodging multiple eliminations, making alliances with the newbies, just a big competitor. It has not been confirmed that his elimination or if he wins the show.


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